Urbi et Orbi Foundation Meeting

Our Founding Members are the bedrock on which our Foundation is built.

As we began to expand the efforts of the Urbi et Orbi Foundation, and to meet with greater success and encouragement from both Catholics and Orthodox, we realized that we needed to lay a more extensive groundwork of support that would sustain us going forward. Thus began our roster of Founders.

This is an “honor roll” limited in scope to the first one hundred families, individuals and charitable funds that have committed their support to the Urbi et Orbi Foundation with a one-time gift of $2500 or more.

The first announcement of this distinction garnered a great deal of excitement, and many joined immediately, allowing us to quickly expand the reach of our work. In fact, several important grants have been funded by those who initially committed their support.

But there is still room left on our Founding Members List for you! Become one of the Founding Members of the Urbi et Orbi Foundation and be instrumental in building bridges between Catholics and Orthodox throughout the world in a real and concrete way.

Know that we hold our Founding Members dear, and in gratitude, we have asked our Prayer Network to specifically keep them and their intentions lifted in prayer before God in their monasteries, convents, and parishes around the globe.

Contact us for more information on how to become a registered member of the Urbi et Orbi Founding Members’ Roll.

Urbi et Orbi Foundation Founding Members

Dr. & Dr. Rodney Allen

Ms. Mary Ballou

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bolger

Mr. Marc Brammer

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Brock III

Capt. Edward Bronson

Mr. & Mrs. Thierry Cagianut – St. Jakob Stiftung

Mr. & Mrs. Judson Chapin

Ms. Margaret Chen

Rev. Daniel Connaghan

Rev. Fr. Robert V. Copsey

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Corr

Rev. Fr. Carl A. Costa

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Darrey

Mr. Antonio deHeredia

Mr. Leo Dulacki

Rev. Fr. William S. Evans

Mr. John F. Fay

Mr. & Mrs. David Fischer

Mr. & Mrs. William Forti

Mr. Joseph Griesemer

Mr. John Hanisko

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Heil

Rev. Henry Hildebrandt

Ms. Lucy Holguin

Sister Paul Honaker – Carmelite Monastery of Rochester

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Incaprera

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jesse

Dr. Eleanor Kelly

Msgr. Michael F. Kosak – Saint Ann Church

Deacon Albert G. Krieger

Mr. & Mrs. Denis Larrivee

Ms. Susan Lehrman

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Leonard

Ms. Sharlene Lim

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Lundman

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lynch

Ms. Loretta Mackle

Mrs. Joan Maddy

Mrs. Carol Marquardt

Mr. Clarence E. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Martter

Mr. & Mrs. David Mawby

Ms. Dian J. Mayo

Mr. & Mrs. John Mazero

Ms. Sharon Meredith

Ms. Christen Miller

Mr. Tom J. Moreland

Mr. & Mrs. Kemp Morgan

Dr. & Dr. William Moynihan

Mr. Andy R. Mozisek

Msgr. John Myler – Saint Peter Cathedral

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Neal

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Neuhoff

Mr. Lawrence Neuhoff

Ms. Daisy Neves

Dr. Samuel Nigro

Mr. Charles Parlato

Dr. Mayumi Pascual

Mr. Robert Provost

Ms. Dorothy Rebholtz

Ms. Jane Reedal

Mrs. Judith Salz

Mr. & Mrs. Rex Sanders

Mr. Daniel Schmidt

Mr. John Schmieding

Mrs. Edith Schoenborn

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Scroggs

Mr. Robert Shircliff

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sigg

Msgr. Joseph Stanichar

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stanzel

Mr. Thaddeus Trenn

Mr. Charles Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Turner

Mrs. Ann Vallely

Mr. & Mrs. David Valone – Valone Family Charitable Fund

Mr. & Mrs. James Wainscott

Mr. Robert Wanzong

Ms. Karla Williams

Ms. Susan Wilson

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Wood

Mr. Anthony Zangara

& one additional Founder who wishes to remain annonymous