Reaching Out to Suffering Lebanon

Urbi et Orbi Communications’ New Initiative to Help the Homeless and Helpless

Lebanese Young Talents is a group of young Lebanese volunteers whose goal is to help families who have been affected by the August 4 explosion at the port in Beirut, a tragedy which has left a third of a million people with damaged or destroyed homes, neighborhoods, businesses and livelihoods, not to mention the 200 who lost their lives and 6,500 who were injured. The youths began a campaign to go door-to-door to assess the needs of those left living amidst the rubble — families with children, as well as the elderly, some living alone, with no place to go and no one to help them find food, clean water and other necessities of life.

Urbi et Orbi Communications, at the direction of the Maronite Church in Lebanon, has partnered with Lebanese Young Talents, in our new “Friends of Lebanon” initiative to help bring awareness of the dire need existing in Beirut, especially among Christians, as the area most affected by the blast was one inhabited mainly by Christians in this majority-Muslim city and country.

In fact, one young volunteer told us, many of the young Christians who are left in Beirut are getting out — leaving for other countries to start a new life, leaving behind an ever-dwindling number of followers of Jesus in a country that was once home, in the mid-20th-century, to a thriving Christian majority, but has shrunk to just a third of the former population.

Urbi et Orbi Communications holds a monthly Zoom video meeting with our Lebanese friends, who provide us with the latest “on the ground” news, both social and political, and stories of those whose lives they touch every day.

Join Urbi et Orbi Communications’ “Friends of Lebanon” and donate to our efforts to help the struggling people of Lebanon — a country where Jesus Christ Himself once walked, when He traveled to its southern parts near Tyre and, Scripture tells us, cured a possessed Canaanite child.

Jesus said of His followers, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples: that you love one another.” Please consider making a donation to this effort.

An excerpt from a letter from Fr. Joe Bou Jaoude in Beirut dated November 1, 2020:

I am calling on you as an international community to stand by Lebanon, show solidarity and provide timely and meaningful support to Lebanese people who have been generous in volunteering. I will be very grateful for any type of support that you can offer to this NGO on your behalf. Lebanon’s community is in desperate need for urgent financial support. We hope this drastic situation will be resolved soon.

I thank you for your cooperation and send you all my blessings.

Best Regards

Fr. Joe Bou Jaoude

You can read the full letter about the need for help in the Lebanese Communities here.