Val Grieve, Subscriber to Inside the Vatican magazine:

“My long and winding road back to the Catholic Church was lit by Inside the Vatican magazine. I was not looking to come back to the Church, so I am not sure why I picked up this magazine, yet I did. I then subscribed and read each issue. As I did, I desired to re-enter the Church. I will forever be grateful. I continue to read each issue from cover to cover. Thank you!”  —Val Grieve, Ascot, England

Pope John Paul II  

“Do something for this magazine.” —Pope John Paul II to an official of Poland’s LOT airlines, when the official asked the Pope what he might do to help the Pope’s mission. The airline took out an advertisement on the back cover of Inside the Vatican magazine for many years. 

Pope Benedict 

“We need Inside the Vatican in German. We need to keep Germany united with Rome, and your magazine can be a help in that important task.” —Pope Benedict XVI to the editors of Inside the Vatican in 2006, just before we launched our German edition

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow: 

“It is good that you are here. If we walk together, we are already united. We must keep walking together.” —Russian Orthodox  Patriarch Kirill, on July 17, 2018 during ceremonies in Ekaterinburg, Russia, remembering the 100th anniversary of the murder of the last Russian Czar and his family 

Pope Francis

“You may bring your pilgrims to stay in my house, the Domus Santa Marta, when your pilgrims visit the Vatican.” —Pope Francis via the director of the Domus Santa Marta, shortly after his election in March 2013. Inside the Vatican pilgrimages has been one of the very few groups invited to house pilgrims in the Domus Santa Marta since Francis was elected Pope

Subscriber in an American Prison:

“In this prison — deep in rural Georgia — there is no Catholic ministry, ergo, no sacraments; Inside the Vatican magazine, which reaches us in prison due to a generous donor, is therefore a vital part of my communion with the Church — second, of course, to prayer…” —Richard Clark T.O.M., Riverbend Correctional Facility, Milledgeville, Georgia, USA

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholow: 

“It is essential that groups such as yours become a concrete expression of the hope for reunion that is so difficult to achieve on the hierarchical level.”  —Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople

Orthodox Scholarship Recipient: 

“My journey to Rome, and to the tomb of Peter, was a life-changing experience for me. I had dreamed all my life of visiting Rome, but what I actually experienced exceeded all my expectations. What I experienced brought me much closer to my Catholic brothers and sisters in faith.” —A Russian Orthodox Church deacon from Moscow

Founding Donor in December 2012 to the Urbi et Orbi Foundation, precursor of the Unitas project

Thank you for sharing your wise and sometimes poignant insights into the personalities and events – and problems – in our Church. Through them we are granted a glimpse at the rich treasure of experiences and friendships Inside the Vatican has gained throughout a long journalistic quest to build up our beloved Church. We commend you for the trust you have established within the Church hierarchy, as well as with your readers. Tom and I cherish your friendship. May God continue to bless you as only He can. —Susan Stanzel, Dallas, Texas, USA

Harry and Cassy Revels, Inside the Vatican Pilgrims:

“The breathtaking sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the many holy places we visited only touch the surface of how our pilgrimage with you deeply affected us. The spiritual uncovering – “archeology,” if you will… of the Catholic Church, with its wonders, and its flaws, has drawn us further into the Body of Christ. The places we visited, the wonderful people we met, and the conversations that took place, all served to remove the sediment and stones that were covering our souls and thus left us vulnerable to our Lord. Inside the Vatican has wonderful people devoted to our faith, and it radiates from each of you.”  —Harry and Cassy Revels, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Easter 2018 Pilgrimage to Rome