Christ spoke from a crucifix to St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century; his plea was for Francis to go about the task of building unity where it was crumbling away: “Rebuild My Church,” He said, “which, as you see, is falling down.”

Francis took Christ’s words to mean, at first, the ruins of the physical church building in which he was standing; only later did he realize that Christ meant the entire Church. Francis then went on to dedicate his entire life to building up the unity of the Catholic Church through his preaching, charity and sacrifice.

So, too, does Urbi et Orbi Communications hope to imitate St. Francis in his zeal to build up the unity of the Church today — a unity that is becoming increasingly fragile, and in danger of rupturing. We must not let that happen. Instead, we are working to bring the Faithful together around the one unfailing source of unity: the Truth.

We do this through the Written Word as we strengthen our digital and print presence as a completely independent source of Catholic news, reflection and analysis by expanding the reach of Inside the Vatican magazine (founded in 1993) and annually publishing books aimed at preserving our Catholic tradition, as well as bringing to internet audiences our highly-praised Virtual Pilgrimages and online webinars.