Throughout the span of Christianity, there have been many Faithful who have worked to bring the Body of Christ into unity.

These are just a few of the “Team”:

A Maltese cleric, Blessed Nazju Falzon (b. July 1, 1813) was a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. Though he felt himself inadequate for the priesthood, Nazju took minor orders. He lived his life teaching others of the faith, and, while never leaving Malta, sought out the British soldiers and sailors stationed there. Blessed Nazju was a trusted mentor for many who stayed on the island. Due to a heart attack in 1865, Blessed Nazju Falzon joined the dearly departed.


After many years of being respected as a Monophysite monk, Ghebre-Michael converted to the Catholic Church in 1844. He dedicated the rest of his life to aiding the Ethiopian mission, and, in 1851, Blessed Ghebre-Michael was ordained a priest. In 1855, Blessed Michael and four others with him were arrested and imprisoned. “After weeks of being dragged from town to town and tortured, he died in prison from abuse and ill treatment.” (aleteia)


Having seen visions of Jesus from the time she was very young, St. Bridget of Sweden married and had eight children before she began to build the new religious order. When St. Bridget was 41, she was called to found a religious order mostly for women. Before she could see it finished, the saint was called to Rome never to return. While in Europe, St. Bridget of Sweden mediated between England and France, trying to bring peace to both countries, and attempted to bring the Pope permanently back to Rome. As she died in 1373 not having seen the achievement of any of these things, the tired saint is known as the Patroness of Failures.


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